About Us



About Us


We are a small farm in Kansas City, Missouri.  I used to raise Clydesdales and decided after medical issues to find a smaller horse to raise.  A friend told me about the Gypsy Horses and I fell in Love.  But I must Warn you, you can Not just have one.  They are like potato chips.  I started my research to find just the right stallion, and was Very Lucky to find Timone of Lion King.  and then my mares.  They are All beautiful and  Each one is special in a different way.   We strive for conformation, bone, a small head, tiny ears and apple butt.  And most importantly disposition.  Our foals are handled Every day.  We pick up feet, lead them, bathe them and anything else we can do to make them come to their new owners the BEST they can be.

We no longer raise full blooded Clydesdales, but we do raise one or two Drum Horses a year.  They all have spots and lots of feather.   So for the people wanting a Big and Tall horse we do have something to offer.


Visitors are welcome, but please give us a call or an email and make an appointment.  We are at 6330 Noland Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 64133 and the phone is 816 358 3769.



A Very Good Friend made my Timone gate and each time I come in the driveway it makes me smile.  I LOVE IT.







Gypsy-Wagon-300x225A very nice man made the Gypsy Reading Wagon, named Jim Bowers.  I fell in Love with it the minute I saw it.  I found from Jim that it was 3 years in the making and I can understand why with the workmanship that it had.  I was Very Lucky to win the bid at the auction.  I can’t thank Jim enough for my Gypsy Wagon.